Elf on the Shelf is an Orwellian Nightmare

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  • Daemanis reply Capitilism at it's finest is christmas itself, as to the elf on the shelf, i don't see how it's a game at all, it's a gimmick that parents have started adopting to try and make their children behave for at least some time, when you think about it a lot of people only ever do the right thing because it is required by law to do so, 99% of people finding a wallet on the ground with a large sum of money in it are going to do what with it now? legally they have to turn it in, contents and all though you would find those 99% would pocket the money before handing the wallet in. It is also prevelant in places where CCTV is now being used constantly... Why because it does reduce crimes. human behaviour changes based on the fact wether or not we can be held accountable.
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