8. Vlog: The Snob sells his book and steals your money

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  • Saekka reply See Snob? That begging wasn't so hard, all it cost you was some self-respect and dignity. xD
  • [ – ] Natanahel reply This is what happens when you don't do quality material, like episodic reviews.
  • bastek66 reply Snob, have you ever considered to make Overviews/reviews in style of Nostalgia Critic or Plinkett (you even imitated him few times)? It's clear as day that watching commentary or analysing is more appealing to the watchers.
  • [ – ] copperfield42 reply you need to spam it on twitter or something for it to notice... if you want for it to be notice, that is...
    • [ – ] ThatAnimeSnob parent reply I did
      • copperfield42 parent reply oh really? in twitter for instance, posting it only once, and counting only in your followers to spread it around is not what I would call "spam it"... you don't even try the hashtag thing I told you... and I don't think that being an ass in the thread when Misty shared it around was helpful either...
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