Calibri Strokes Out on Every Hole | Golf with Friends Highlights 2

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  • USUandS reply it's ok i thought i'd be better at playing online vs irl...... n o p e
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply Golf... I feel like we're all young trash at it.
  • ExcalibursZone reply Little known fact: Curious George also thought that the higher the score in mini-golf you had, the better you were doing. It's really interesting that he was able to understand English, complex math (for a monkey), and concepts such as Christmas gift giving...Cartoons are wonderful things. :) SO: I'm glad you reached your personal "goal" you set for yourself :)
  • ChazDragoon reply curse you recording failures! D:
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply @Sibernethy and I play #golfwithyourfriends. I got a new high score! That's how golf, works, right? LOL (Sorry @Sibernethy for the short reel...I'll be better prepared for our next round!!)
  • Dragoninkmusic reply hey cool, just thought Id let ya know, ya had an ad roll on this one, you be rackin i the vidme dollars soon!
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