Slavic Kitchen – Syrniki (Сырники)

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  • [ – ] AmandaAnderson_1 reply My kids will love this. Tell your mom thank you and to help you make more videos.
    • SirRidealot parent reply These things are like breads. Just go easy on the flower. If you know how to make a homemade cottage cheese great, else, see if you can find European food store. It might be called "Tvorog" (cottage cheese in Ukrainian or Russian). Else drain the moisture out of the standard store bought one. Too much flower and it will taste like rubber, too little and it will fall apart on the skillet.
  • [ – ] katburns reply Okay I can just tell I'm gonna love your channel. As family is from central-east Europe, I love Slavic foods ❤
    • [ – ] SirRidealot parent reply Greetings. is my secondary platform. My main channel is on YouTube I post on only if I remember to post. YouTube is always a step ahead.
      • katburns parent reply gotcha. I've also got a youtube channel too: ; ;) I'll find you on the 'tubes too!
  • [ – ] tillyeats reply Please make 10million more videos
    • SirRidealot parent reply Hi. Most of my content (Including the new cooking section) is on YouTube I do translations, /pol/ commentary, motorcycling and now cooking. The YouTube channel always get's updated first. is updated later, and only if I remember to do so. :) Yes there will be more of these. I know a lot of recipes. Will film all the details. Best Wishes.
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