Outlast 2 | #8 | Surely cruelty and malevolence shall follow - Final

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  • LiveFire reply I wasn't sure if there were other endings for all the collectibles but thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking about doing a video going over all of the things I didn't cover from the playthrough but I'm sure others will lol. I really like this game
  • VegitoGaming reply At the end when you find Jessica while playing Hide and Seek, you will see that she has a rope mark on her neck. However, I'm not sure about this, but if you collect all the collectables in the game (or I think you have to do soemthing in the game that will trigger in the scene) you will have a slight different ending. In the other ending, it's the same, but instead Jessica doesn't have the neck mark on her neck. A slight easter egg there. Btw, if you don't mind, can you leave an upvote on my outlast 2 video? I'm only asking for an upvote. You can comment later if you genuinly find my video to be interesting. Or is it just annoying to ask?
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