5 Best Tips for Working Remotely // Successfully Work From Home

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  • [ – ] amandanalex reply I sometimes forget to do the fun thing too! I think being your own boss can sometimes be even harder because your boss is ALWAYS WATCHING hahaha
    • redRomina parent reply haha, I never thought of that. SO TRUE. It's hard to turn off sometimes! Definitely have to be more conscious about it and not become a workaholic!
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Thanks @redRomina :D Especially the last tip which is having fun.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply these are great tips :) i will remember this when ONE DAY i will do remote work
  • [ – ] neyaonline reply I totally agree with all your points. Sometimes I forget to go out and have because not only I'm trying to build my own name online but I also got college which kinda makes it a little bit harder. But I really found your advice great!
    • redRomina parent reply Thanks so much for watching! Glad you found it useful. I think having a balance of fun/work/study is really important. It might feel like a waste of time sometimes or like you're going to fall behind, but I promise you won't!
  • [ – ] conner reply Crap, now I'm going to feel guilty when I'm working from home in my sweats.
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