A sad little video about my art

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  • [ – ] GeahkBurchill reply I relate to this a lot. I drew prolifically in elementary-high school. I even published three comics while I was still sixteen. However, the older I got, the more self-critical I was and the more effort drawing seemed to require. For me, the solution was to change fields. I used to sculpt heads of my characters so that I would have a reference model to draw from. I hated drawing faces so much that, eventually, I switched to puppetry. My sculpting lead me to start creating full characters in 3D, and I could still tell stories but I no longer had to draw faces. Eventually I got back to drawing. I still find it hard and less fun than it should be but drawing doesn't have the same looming presence it used to. I treat it as a supplemental medium.
    • PsyViper parent reply I've been thinking about changing mediums or at the very least subject matter. I used to work with textiles a lot. I've been trying to get back into but not much luck.
  • [ – ] flicknice reply I know this may sound odd but have you thought about doing a collaboration with someone like a writer? They could send you the words and you could send the art at the end of each day and point out the good and bad in each other's work and give you both a different perspective on your work. I only ask because I make things out of the things that others throw away and I view not being able to use something extremely personally but every so often someone will come to my workshop and work with me to get the best item possible for them. We share ideas and it puts things back into perspective for me and I end up with a few new ideas that I can write down and use on a later projects. I really hope this helps.
    • PsyViper parent reply Hmm maybe. That does sound interesting though I'd have to wait until I'm a bit more stable. Thanks for the advice :)
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