Shyvana - Bronze 5 Promotional - Yorick push OP

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  • [ – ] Saucybagel reply Holy cow that clutch Yorick backdoor hahah. Congrats! :D
    • [ – ] HalfTangible parent reply The Yorick push is real, man O_O
      • [ – ] Saucybagel parent reply Haha yeah he's good at that, for sure. I'm just glad to see someone posting League content on here, there doesn't seem to be a lot. I'd like to post matches if I ever get verified haha, but I'd like to support people on Vidme over YouTube at the moment.
        • [ – ] HalfTangible parent reply Same. I'm gonna be posting more League videos in the future, I think, though next week I'm starting a Shovel Knight LP. And also need to finish my last 3 or 4 essays for the semester.
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