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  • [ – ] Aleashalove reply Ahhh, I want a drone so badly lol cool shots, I'm excited to see how you incorporate it in your future vlogs :)
    • MarcAngeloRocafort parent reply I manage to find a good deal near my town, I still need to get used to flying it hehe soon I'm hoping to include it in the vlogs 😊
  • [ – ] Khyler_McBee reply Drones open up so many opportunities! I named mine Cher Ami, I love her
    • MarcAngeloRocafort parent reply I love the name 😊 yeah I've been wanting a drone for ages for my company, I'm excited to see what we capture here in Sweden 😊 Thanks for watching the video 😊
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Congrats on the new baby! I have been eyeing up a drone for a while now. I am similarly nervous though about crashing it after getting it.
    • MarcAngeloRocafort parent reply Thank you so much! :D which one are thinking of getting and don't worry the 1st like 10 flights can be scary but ones you fly more you'll get the hang of it, they're really stable to fly up :)
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