The Problem with Linux

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  • [ – ] Anthrit reply Linux is great as a server. For desktop computers it still needs work. Mainly good software. I used kdenlive to edit crashes all the time. I was so happy to go back to premier after struggle for 2 years.
    • [ – ] TheOuterLinux parent reply I've pretty much switched to Kdenlive on openSUSE Tumbleweed. I try to only use OpenShot, but it keeps crashing. The only annoying thing with Kdenlive is the sound stuttering when previewing. Avidmux and Flowblade are a complicated waste of time.
      • Anthrit parent reply Ok I will give that combination a try. The Ubuntu repository updates are slow. Openshot, that is even worse after the developer got all them donation money.
    • [ – ] RedTechEngineer parent reply going to have to disrespectfully disagree, although, on kdenlive, were you using it on windows or linux? I personally have had no issues with it (except some questionable memory usage).
      • Anthrit parent reply We are using it in our podcast studio on Ubuntu 16.04. Everytime you drag a clip to the time line .... crash ... and have to force quit the app.
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