Thursday Morning Shout Outs - Lonewolfcub -Sunrise391977

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  • [ – ] sunrise391977 reply yes I will tell Haley you said that :) you have a great day.
  • [ – ] sunrise391977 reply thanks for the shoutout.. the real story behind that song is that haley has been bullied a lot and this song helps her realize she's human and people don't know he deep down so they judge her a lot and push her around... I do have a You Tube account as well and my youngest is singing on that one.. Both my girls love to sing
    • the_epilepsy_guy parent reply Oh...I know how that goes, I was bullied ALL through my school years because of my epilepsy...Tell Haley , keep her chin up. It will get better , and it will believe me. Music is a good uplift to keep you going .. But believe me no matter how hard it gets , sometimes people see the error of their ways. And others, just arent worth the worry.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply
  • [ – ] thelonewolfCub reply thats very nice of you. i am thankfull for this shoutout, and i hope Sunrise391977 profits from the repost. i searched for her link, but its not in your diskription (maybe you put it there)
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply
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