NEWS Trump's Secret Comey Tapes, House Intel CMTE to Subpoena Tapes

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  • [ – ] fancyfig reply if your source is right about that then trump is up to some pretty nixonian stuff, and if he sees the presidency as a game, does that mean we're the pawns? this has been the concern of his opposition from the beginning; that his power would be spent on his ego, and his ego doesn't have room enough for the people he's sworn to serve. i'm not so concerned with the motives of comey or obama or even the media when it comes to reveling information on the president, i'm concerned about the motives of the president and i'll take information from wherever i can get it.
    • [ – ] freerangehobo parent reply As all humans, we lean toward the applause. Trump has enormous ego traits, but I have to think that anyone who seeks fame and power must have a huge ego. Ego is like a fire, it needs fuel to stay aglow. Fire, warms us, refines metals,cooks our food and provides light at night. Fire, unchecked, can destroy those it served. Let Trump have his ego, until it clearly burns out of control. Then it will be necessary to turn the hose toward his direction. Otherwise, our cynicism and suspicions could also become an unnecessary distraction and hindrance to Trump's progress in making positive changes.
      • [ – ] fancyfig parent reply forest fires are allot harder to put out than campfires, and if nobody is watching and maintaining that fire it, things can escalate quite quickly. if in 4 years the people want him to leave what will he do? the peaceful transition of power is something americans take for granted but it requires leaders to have some level of humility. he'll take out some of the establishmentarians because they're in his way, but the constitution is also in his way and free press and democracy can get in his way too. so what happens when the firetrucks start to burn?
        • freerangehobo parent reply The last transition of power was and continues to be anything but peaceful. In all my life, such venom and subterfuge has never come to this much light. None of this would never have happened if not for the internet.
    • [ – ] insaneonthemembrane parent reply Look President Trump and Britex has paused TPTB for awhile and only for a short time I'm afraid. Trump had to be better than "Hilary rotten Clinton mafia" as they will have headaches now she lost, as all the behind door bribes(Clinton Foundation) they had taken promising these bribers (lobbyists) whatever they wanted once she was POTUS. Put the fucking tapes out "unedited" for the public to male their own minds up.
      • fancyfig parent reply but at a certain point tptb aren't tptb anymore. political/military power isn't just a thing the establishment likes to control, it is the most powerful mechanism of control. no one in the world is more powerful than the american president especially when the majorities of the house, senate, and supreme court are on the president's team. if there's ever a rothchild/clinton/bush conspiracy to undermine trump, he has the spy network to find out about it, the twitter following to tell people about it, the authority to do something about it, and the power to threaten and undermine anyone else who opposes him. if the tapes reveal collusion with obama or something, they'd be interesting to me (affair drama would not be). but if the most powerful person in the world is using this as blackmail in order to keep his own secrets safe, that has got to be an impeachable offence, right?
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