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  • [ – ] WrecklessEating reply Poor health as never tasted so good ;)
  • [ – ] ChilliBeatAus reply but it taste soooo goood thooooo :(
  • [ – ] gabmcking reply yea and the corn syrup in it is the most gmo thing on earth
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply That's it, mountain dew is of the monthly shopping list !!
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply You changed your intro on this one. I gave up soft drinks decades ago because my health was suffering. They certainly haven't gotten any healthier. The ingredient sodium benzoate is a seriously bad chemical and it's even worse when mixed with citric acid or ascorbic acid, which it usually is in soft drinks, because it can turn into benzene, a serious cancer causing substance. Here is one site's info on that: If the FDA wasn't just a joke agency pretending to be doing it's job, it would in no way allow these types of ingredients in our food, drink and medicines. Here is some info on the FDA: Thanks for raising our awareness, giving us the truth of these tasty but poisonous beverages and showing that there are healthier alternatives.
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