Deep State Contractor "Reality Winner" Caught Leaking Top Secret Info

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  • NoPartySystemCom reply I don't see how a CNN Reporter could infiltrate the NSA. That seems backwards to me. When we find out this person's real name and background, This will probably turn out to be more complex than it seems.
  • AngelofSorrow reply The DNC did get hacked by the Russians hence the leaks because their security methods were a joke as opposed to the RNC's databases. As much as I hate to say it Obama was right, Dem supporter's should be pissed at their own candidates then the Russian's or Trump.
  • StolenMoment reply I want to hear from a Majestic 12 leaker.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Just watched the CBC, they had a forum on Terrorism, they had a Muslim to talk about Muslim's who was a Muslim apologist. The CBC is infiltrated with Traitors and Muslims. It told Canadians lies, or alternative media half truths.
  • avanlmaas reply "Reality Winner" with a TS clearance to the FBI is like a red Corvette going 10 mph above the speed limit to a state trooper. What low-hanging fruit!
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