Establishment PIVOT: Blame 4chan, Not Russia For Trump

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  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply You know it is always remarkable to me that they accuse the opposition of doing what they are. This is typically how the guilty react. The left have been co opted by socialists of the worst kind and it shows.
    • Aldebaran519 parent reply Compulsive projectionists, as my father always said; "A guilty conscience needs no accuser"
    • GeorgeEnglish parent reply I just had a thought. There is a channel on Vidme called ... Uncuck ... you may find it interesting.
    • theworldlychristian parent reply It may also be that they're trying to figure out how to blame conservatives and they come up with such a good idea that they use it the next time they can. (e.g. Grass roots Tea Party protests were called 'astroturf'. Then they started the Occupy Wallstreet protests which really were astroturf. IIRC there also something similar with the IRS scandal.)
  • [ – ] TheCarstard reply When will the mainstream realise, we're just not that into you.
  • Wolfskinz reply NATO are just pissed that, 4 Chan out memed them
  • Wolfskinz reply Meme war won the the day
  • ErickAlden reply Joseph McCarthy was right. Our government has been infiltrated by communists and bolsheviks. The internet is our last remaining hope to fight.
  • Shimeran reply So the accusation is they're using strategy and psychology. Watch out, next they'll be reading Sun Tzu's works. Pay no mind to use of other works like say Rules for Radicals.
  • Sock_Puppet reply So Nato wanted Hillary to win and used every tactic they had to ensure her victory, think about that, Nato just admitted to rigging the US election!
  • Aldebaran519 reply Well shit I'm hard right and active since Ron Paul days, where can I get my hands on the referred to handbook to help make myself more effective!?
  • Joe_Somebody reply Basically they cannot admit that their policies are failing or that they might have been wrong in their previous reporting. All of this mostly because they think they still have a monopoly on information and can't understand why things aren't going the way they claim they are. Therefore they have to invent false enemy after false enemy to try and blame the results that make them and their policies look like failures (think Russia, Alt Right, and now scary meme wars).
  • supernova743 reply Someone needs to explain to me how the people "can disrupt the democratic process". Isn't the democratic process how the people choose the candidates? Oh wait i forgot we're not a democracy.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Grasping for straws at this point. They just refuse to admit WHY they lost which will lead to continual losses for them. In Denial...
  • mikem984 reply I like the hacker in the Ninja outfit.
  • LexiKEKographer reply The MSM just can't check their bias long enough to actually report on really news. Bias:
  • 3oddbits reply That report is just Islamic propaganda. The "Left" is pushing for a Civil War, not the right. SPLC ... of course they also plead for a "Gun Grab". ( the SPLC suspects they are going to be a very popular 'target' when the shooting starts. )
  • hackdrag0n reply Oh my god! People with different opinions to me are working together to influence the political system? Ban them! Ban them all!
  • Thunderjet reply Guess what people 1776 1917 2017 is here its history modern-day communism try to topple the United States of America and all freedoms of the world this time they want to do it for real for good didn't quite work in 1917 a lot of people did die, Russia became Soviet Union for a while for 70 years, that was just a test.Now they are after America and all freedoms of the world.
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply Jared Kushner is the president. Trump is the puppet. A smoke screen.
    • Muddywaters parent reply You could well be right but I lack information to form an opinion there. I do this Trump is more an independent who used the two party system to advantage and that the embedded factions are having issues with him. There are compromises happening all the time from what I can see. One thing I am sure of, if the Clintons had returned to power we would not be here now.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply I just don't buy that
  • SirThomas reply Are youths are being brain washed into believing in the white supremest concept of borders. CENSORSHIP NOW
  • DarkQuark reply It is a tenet of the left (from Rules for Radicals if I recall) to project yourself onto your enemy. So with that in mind the left is admitting the evil tactics they use.
  • Violestri reply >leaked NATO tactics No, anons and other Internet denizens learned to weaponise their autism on their own. Like, it may surprise normies to know, but nerds, geeks, trolls etc. are pretty good at working out how other people work.
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