Huffpost Crows about Dear White People's Rotten Tomatos Rating, Ignores Audience Reviews

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  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply I don't think I've ever trusted critics for movie sites, sometimes they seemingly write reviews knowing beforehand that they already love/hate it and spend the whole time coming up with reasons/excuses instead of fully focusing on what they're watching.
  • [ – ] MeMadMax reply Huffpoo is like the National Enquirer of leftardism....
  • FindingWonderment reply A lot of people lashed out at me for asking if this was good, implying I was racist if I didn't like this. I feel like that might have something to do with why this has many high reviews also. I've not watched this, but with actions like that it's pushing me away from watching it, especially now that I know there's a low audience rating. We should all know by now not to take everything mainstream media praises as fact, though.
  • wearegods reply I've learned to not pay attention to professional critics near 20 years ago. Hell, Critics were giving "The Ring" a good rating and saying it was the scariest thing to watch when it came out. The scariest thing about it was that I paid money to see it. I was waiting for it to get good and then the credits started to roll leaving me $10 broker and dissatisfied.
  • userXVI reply The only thing huffpo and BLM have managed to achieve with race baiting white's is basically the total collapse of the status quo that was in favor of blacks. If they keep beating this same drum, the stupid games they play will yield more stupid prizes.
  • dhusk reply How did this right wing retard get in my feed again?
  • skycarl reply Vidme is prejudice towards old people
  • pianoelectro reply I've seen the interstitial ads for this and don't think it is very smart or wise. No one wants to speak to the fact that one side cries foul regarding so-called, "Racism" while the opposing side essentially shoves a counter form of it down the throats of the masses. You meet people who agree with such programming but it's true what the OP said; they more so exist in/near ivory tower areas or what I call, "Fake towns" etc. I don't think people understand nature as much as they think they do, at least some of the tyme. If I witness a Lion eating a Zebra, I don't immediately think about the Zebra's rights. I suppoxe I could but, that is a natural occurring event with repercussions that I may not benefit from should I intervene. So Humans intervene all the tyme upon other Human matters, especially with internet access abroad and I figure, outside of the case where you witness a child being beaten/raped firsthand, why is intervention at the forefront of most peoples existence? Even sec...moreondhand, you'd have to go through a process... Still the right thing to do but, it doesn't produce a fast result for the safety of the child. Jay-ews, Knee-grows, White-E's, and Mexi-Khans all spit, piss, bleed, and sh*t the same. So making a show called "Dear White People" is likely racist, inappropriate, and not encouraging betterment in society (if you define it by the so-called social-justice doctrine). It is propaganda because the media knows that when 'Happy Days' aired, people loved doing impressions of "The Fonze" etc. What will the susceptible parrot? Anyway; I don't give a f*ck. I think we'll either all need to just stop involving ourselves with others one day or, we'll need the Nuclear Holocaust. Knob Creek! - Ss
  • [ – ] kronstadt1921 reply This guy seems like an alt-right white nationalist. Not a very brave thing to be.
    • [ – ] Basher911 parent reply Yea Right like the "brave" ppl on your page! Wearing masks...
    • dhusk parent reply The dude does seem desperate to start seig-heiling something, it seems. But he is wearing a brown shirt and black leather, so at least he's getting some of the uniform right
    • Cirris parent reply I think he's a child of the 80s/90s who grew up around christian fundamentalism and it's authoritative BS only to see the Left turning into a doppelganger version of that 1980s bible thumpers "do as i say" authoritarian mentality.
  • BruceShepard1970 reply Sounds like Huffington post is losing its edge and has resorted to click bait schemes. Seemingly.
  • KekistanHerald reply 58% is far too high. You know what to do squad.
  • BrandonVoiceVidme reply I never seen "dear white people" but I can guarantee it will fade into obscurity like "13 Reasons Why" will very soon LOL
  • deathsite1902 reply Dear Black people.
  • ntnhan66 reply
  • galwaybeard reply Its down to 54% now.
  • St_Clinton reply And what did YOU think of the show after watching it? If you haven't seen it and are just simply basing what you say off of the name, then clearly you are clueless as to what the name of the show and movie (which came out a few years ago) are about, plus it makes this video of yours nothing but a joke...
  • Anaokar reply Haven't trusted reviewers since Siskel and Ebert from the 1980's.
  • Cirris reply Rotten tomatoes refuses to rate "The Red Pill" because critics are afrait to even watch the show. It's audience ratings in 93% and there's plenty of the 7% are just feminists belittling the show and haven't even watched it. It just shows you how divided this country is getting. Critics afraid to see a popular documentary because of "brownshirt" tactics.
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