Keiser's #vidmechallenge

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  • [ – ] danielamann reply Dude you're too kind! I really appreciate the kind words you had to say about the vlog, and am humbled to be among the channels you enjoy watching on a regular basis. A HUGE thank you for making this and sharing it with me. It's my hope that I can continue making content at a level which you enjoy =D Again, seriously, means a lot for you to have chosen me as one of these five
    • KeiserHTTC parent reply No problem bro it was so easy to choose the channels that I wanted to show people. I just thought πŸ’­ the people I enjoy watching then I can be truthful and ppl would be more interested in checking you guys out as they seen I enjoyed the first class content. 😁 I was making this a vidme exclusive but I uploaded it to my YouTube channel aswell to help ppl see the people and characters of vidme.
  • [ – ] theNBeXperience reply Thanks sir! You're a gentleman and a scholar!
  • [ – ] TaraBabcock reply Haha! I love your accent!
    • KeiserHTTC parent reply Thank you lol I'm Scottish I hope you could understand me fine. I enjoy your channel so much keep doing what you do best. Being yourself. 😁
  • KeiserHTTC reply Thank you for checking my upload out plz take the time to check the channels out. 😁 links are in description.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply You are amazing, @KeisetHTTC! Thank you for the shoutout! I thoroughly enjoyed your style while taking on this challenge! Also, I could listen to your voice allllll day!
    • [ – ] KeiserHTTC parent reply Lol 😁 thank you for popping in its the Glasgow accent lol 😁 mostly I hear from people saying they struggle to understand me but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I do all my uploads from my console and mobile phone that's why it's the app look and moving images.
  • [ – ] The_Tennents_Special_Crew reply Nice one bro thanks that purple tick must be in the post.
  • [ – ] PUREGAMINGDNA reply Great channels bro πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€
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