Where the hell are we!? | Limbo #1

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Congratulations on 100 subscribers human (saw the thank you vid)!!! And I am glad to have come across you on vid.me. I really loved Limbo. It's a very good game. Did you play Inside as well, by the same creators? It's very similar but different at the same time. What I'm really looking at at the moment is Little Nightmares. It's everywhere on Steam and looks very addictive, you know? As a sheep, I really like Let's Plays with two people who talk to each other. Makes it more interesting, like this video of yours!!! Heading over to find you on YouTube now, human! Good stuff, keep up the content!
    • [ – ] RoxasTheSpiriter parent reply Thank you very much I appreciate it! I hope the rest of my content on Youtube and on Vidme will be enjoyable for you!
      • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Thanks human! I just left a comment on YouTube as well and already subbed. :) Come by my YT channel if you have the time okay? I think there are a lot of indie games you can try that's worth it. Have you tried Firewatch?
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