"I Dare You..." | A New Series Idea | Vidme Community Input Needed/Welcome

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  • [ – ] WillyMacShow reply I think this is a great idea! btw is that chili shot stream archived anywhere? It looks hilarious and I would love to watch it. Also, I dare you to beat the first boss of final fantasy 2 (American version) With a party of 1
    • WolvenMedic parent reply I have vods that are archived here beam.pro/wolven and the said stream is live for 2 more days XD And I'm not taking dares just yet. this video is to see if people actually like the idea first. :D I'll be releasing a list of games I own if they do. Then you know what games you can dare me from. I hope this helps and thank you for showing an interest ^_^
  • [ – ] Rob_Silvermyst reply This sounds like fun. I would certainly make a Dark Souls-based dare.
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply Personally anything that is interactive is really a good idea. And it would be funny to boot :D. I say go for it!
    • WolvenMedic parent reply Thank you, I love doing interactive stuff but it's all about getting it right for me. hence why I want to get feedback first. Thank you for your feedback o7
  • [ – ] DragonWarrior13 reply lovin the idea Wolven, also the way your are involving the comunity is awesome
    • WolvenMedic parent reply I'm really glad you're liking the idea. I know it's quite a rough and raw video but it's just an intro to any potential official one ^_^ Hopefully it's something others will enjoy too
  • [ – ] FoxyFloofYT reply I love this idea Wolven! It means everybody can get involved which is pretty unique for videos so I say go ahead with it. What could go wrong? :) Also you could do something similar with streams using the soundboard on Beam, hmm...
    • [ – ] WolvenMedic parent reply I 'could' but that would require a while replanning. 😃 This will just be with this video series for now. Thank you for your input.
      • FoxyFloofYT parent reply No problem mi duck, I'm always happy to give my friends feedback. :) In regards to the soundboard idea, I didn't mean you specifically I was just thinking out loud. ;)
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply ouuu this is interesting. i really like that you are trying new things to complement your content.
    • WolvenMedic parent reply Well I do want to branch out and try some new things. Sure gaming is a fundamental part of my channel at the moment but one day I'd like it to be more open and fun. This idea may be the start of that :D
  • [ – ] iTone reply i love this idea. it reminds of EliteShots iPlayYourWay but yours has a twist to it if you don't complete it and that is awesome. good job as always Wolven 👌🏼
    • [ – ] WolvenMedic parent reply Oh yes, I know you do watch that guy :D Well a twist makes things much more interesting I think so I thought why not? XD Thank you for your approval ^_^
      • iTone parent reply yeah i do haha he's my favorite. hell yeah it does it's a phenomenal idea and i can't wait to see it in action and you're very welcome =D
  • [ – ] SometimesBytes reply I'm not really into gaming videos so I have nothing helpful to add but I like the idea and it's always great to see content creators coming up with new ideas on how to interact with the community.
    • WolvenMedic parent reply Oh of course, gaming isn't for everybody. One day I'd love to branch out and do more when I can. Thank you for both the feedback and the tip! Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to get this idea off the ground.
  • [ – ] WildleHouse reply there's that petite girl. lol
  • [ – ] 7and7Gaming reply great idea
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply Definitely a great idea it's always cool when content creators involve the community and their followers. Definitely go for it.
    • WolvenMedic parent reply Thank you! I'm glad you like the idea and I do appreciate the feedback. As it stands it does mean a lot. Thanks ^_^
  • [ – ] Watersurf reply Sounds like a cool idea. c:
  • [ – ] Chrone reply Perfect ending, haha! I really like the idea WolvenMedic, very interactive. Nice!
    • WolvenMedic parent reply Thank you mate :D Was unsure how people would take it, sometimes my ideas are too out there. Hopefully people will like the idea of this one though XD
  • [ – ] bf_gaming reply good idea
  • [ – ] jasonejohnson31 reply I am just getting started on Vidme and glad I found your videos. I like this concept of having input from the audience. Kinda like Twitch plays Pokemon but with a challenge twist. I had a similar idea of playing Skyrim and having the audience direct the decisions. I say go for it and it should be an interesting series.
    • WolvenMedic parent reply Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your input :) Unfortunately over time interactions from audience became less and less. T the point this is the first genuine comment I've had in months so I doubt I'll be able to take this series off. regardless welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy it and do well here.
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