Interview with Monster Girls : Cute Demi-humans FTW

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  • theoldsparrow reply The in story reason for why there are so few monster girls is that they are super rare and Takahashi-sensei is extraordinarily lucky to meet four of them. It is kind of lazy character designing to only have four if you step back out into the real world reasons for it though so you're right. I liked how cute it was and the fact that there is a love triangle with little tension and not a harem. Not that I have anything against harems. Monster Musume is one of my favorites actually. Have you checked out the manga Nurse Hitomi? That one has a different monster girl or boy introduced each chapter.
  • kniteowls reply I about died from laughter. Love the style this was the 1st vid to watch here. Been watching the anime on Funimation love it.
  • [ – ] FreshSocksFox reply I keep seeing Nurse Hitomi. Is it any good? I got so many manga I need to read *hides stack of manga* And ahh. I see! I only got to see a few episodes of Monster Girl Interview because I'm trying to review all these other animes @_@ But I'm glad it's not a harem. I wasn't getting a harem vibe and some harem animes are annoying @_@
    • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply Nurse Hitomi is pretty good. It's a lot like Demi in that it's a school nurse helping out students with problems related to their monster abilities. Slightly ecchi and can be cute and heartwarming. As for harems it really depends on the characters. I like a strong MC who goes the extra mile but that's a rarity in harems. The girls being fleshed out is much better than cardboard cut out dere types so that's important too. There are good harems and bad harems. Also if you click reply next to the timer next to a person's username it will pop out into a tree format making it easier to read and that person also gets a notification that you have replied to them.
      • [ – ] FreshSocksFox parent reply Oooo! I didn't see this. Sparrow-senpai is wise! I mostly like to watch eechi anime without a male lead. Sometimes it's better off this way. Sometimes it's not. *sigh* I just want a good anime that isn't bleh!
        • theoldsparrow parent reply It's hard to find the perfect anime. Some anime you have to be in the right mood for even if it's really good. For example I dropped Nichijou by Kyoani because I felt like it was too random and I wasn't feeling it at the time but that is a pretty great anime when I went back and watched it later.
  • FreshSocksFox reply Thank you ^^ I'll keep doing my best
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