Disney Drops PewDiePie & YouTube Cancels His Show

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  • blindfire reply It was a poor judgement call on his part. Too bad he had to lose so much. This is part of why I don't understand why celebrity is so highly rated, because it depends on what other people think of you it is highly unstable. Why people want to be famous and build their life on that kind of thing is beyond me.
  • BrianAiya reply This is the reason why Vidme is focusing more on audience donation and alternative ways of making revenue. I am a pewdiepie fan and I find it ridiculous that people this he is racist and media is making him look like a bad person when they don't understand the content and his comedy, BUT i also understand that Disney and brands prefer PG content more, so influencers and all creators are on the mercy of brands, that's why many creators are looking into Patreon where they don't need to change their content to appeal to brands.
  • [ – ] dancrivelli reply interesting. I wonder if he cares
    • [ – ] Jackington parent reply I think it will hurt him when it comes to collaborations, but that's about it.
      • Seawolf25 parent reply I think it will defently mark him, and he'll have to explain he's not a "Nazi" he's not "anti-Semitic",etc. but some jokes aren't even worth it and this is one of those subjects I don't think anyone should touch with a 10 foot pole.
  • [ – ] MaronaPossessed reply People, this is why you do not want to become an internet celebrity or make it your real job. One wrong move, even harmless, could make it all collapse.
  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply Maybe this was his plan all along. Now he is unshackled from obligations and can reign fury upon YouTube.
  • Sharpwing reply Even if Pewdiepie was offensive, he was effective. For me it's opened my eyes to just how cowardly and childish the world is towards dissenting opinions and harmless jokes. Context is important. Shock value is also important. We need to learn that what he did on Fiver was nothing in comparison to the atrocities of history and that to compare it and say we're not allowed to joke about it just makes us assholes. Joking, parodies and outright ridiculousness is how we cope, grow and move on from things. The people that always seem to do this always try and say that there are certain types of things you can and cannot laugh at. While I may agree that laughing at a murder is fucked up, why is it then fucked up to laugh at the murderers and parody them? These people seem to create taboos and it comes off that they don't want us to laugh about these things so that we're always miserable about them. Taboos suck. They're the same things that led a lot of adults before us to leading miserable liv...morees and working shitty jobs. I think fun should always be a huge factor in life and happiness. Without those things all there is is work and misery. YouTube only shoots themselves in the foot by cutting their biggest player. The guy will still get more subs, so now they just profit from it less for cutting his shit. Maybe they'll eventually realize how futile trying to regulate speech and the spirit of the internet is.
  • MetalheyCentral reply I think it's more the fact that he built up this audience which are kids over the last few years of playing games. Then he slowly tries to change what his channel is about with this shock and awe comedy. I'm not surprised Disney dropped him and YT did what they did. Now if he built his channel the other way then this wouldnt be a story
  • [ – ] Jackington reply Sorry for the poor quality video, I didn't really expect this many views xD
  • danielamann reply Wow that is big news. Just jumped from your video to an online article and read about it there as well. Poor choice of jokes from Felix, though I know he wasn't serious about them
  • [ – ] Gorkey reply Nice video man?
  • cannotaccess reply PewDiePie is supposed to be video games, Since he moved away he had problems.
  • Sariel reply Jeez, pewdiepie, what were you THINKING? Your entire job is to be an inoffensive and PG-rated commentator to reap that sweet, sweet, money off of children.
  • Tai_Moya reply Wow, he had it coming. Can't live your life like there are no consequences.
  • PimpMasterBroda reply While Disney, Maker and Youtube won't be hurting by dropping PewDiePie; They lose more than they gain. Youtube Red is absolutely struggling right now and they just finished filming Scare PewDiePie season 2. Now they have to drop it. Scare PewDiePie season 1 was featured as the big draw for Youtube Red too. PewDiePie was all over Maker's website so now they have to nearly re-do that entire shit. Like it or not, he's still the most subscribed guy on Youtube and has 50+ million subscribers. There's still lots of networks that would LOVE to have him and tons of companies would still love to sponsor him. I'd actually suggest that with how Youtube has been frustrating Felix lately in regards to de-monetizing his videos and pulling him from trending, this was actually all planned by him. He has more than enough "fuck you money" to not care.
  • [ – ] kobeformvp reply the name's jackington lol
  • MrMemeKing reply That's just how business are really, Hell back long ago I was partnered with machinima and they randomly dropped me and refused to pay me the money that was owed to me. Of course I wasn't as big as like anyone so really that's all big business really care for. They don't see people they see numbers. If your producing large numbers they will "care" small numbers? You are nothing. Which is why even though ive been doing youtube for nearly 7 years I'm starting to move away from that site and make a home here. The people here don't see numbers, they see people. Its sad to see that pewdiepie got hit like this but at the same time, what he did they viewed it as "Oh no this could cause numbers to go down" so they ripped it off
  • SkyBlue_Scholar reply I wouldn't be surprised if Pewds leaves youtube and switches to vidme or another platform
  • BadwolfGamer reply Disney are such hypocrites... but they have to obey their Zionists-Jewish masters or they're all fired.
  • SinglePlayer reply Really looking forward to hearing Pewdiepie's eventual response to this controversy. He's been incredibly nonchalant about the previous dips in the road, but this one is pretty drastic. I imagine it'll make for a pretty funny video.
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