Parthenon Part 2- Music Theory & Pythagorean Theorem

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  • [ – ] Rideronthestorm reply Where do you get the drawing tools? And what tools would you recommend?
    • Hermeticarchitecture parent reply Do you mean to make these graphics? If so i use a basic photoshop program, old Corel program Photostudio pro. I updated to a Mac and spent a fortune on new programs- what a waste. My old PC still kicking on and my mac in the trash.
  • Rideronthestorm reply Thnx alot🙂
  • [ – ] Rideronthestorm reply Absolutly amazing🙂
    • [ – ] Hermeticarchitecture parent reply thanks for watching ;-)
      • [ – ] Rideronthestorm parent reply I want to study this and learn the basics methods and the philosophy, how do I start? And Thnx for the videos
        • Hermeticarchitecture parent reply I was introduced to this with Scott Onstott's series "Secrets in Plain Sight" as a light bulb moment. He compiles the research of many others as well as his own. Randall Carlson also an excellent teacher, this series a good way to getting started. Other videos on his channel worth watching. Though more than anything I think getting out a compass and starting to draw some geometry is vital. It will really spark up something in your mind. Just by drawing the Vesika, Seed and Flower of Life you'll be well on your way. There's nothing quite like drawing it for yourself. I guarantee!!
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