#SpokenWord: Monogamy is Not For Me | Audio Version

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  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply Honesty, openness & communication... The Big 3. You got those, you've got a foundation for something good.
  • Westley_Nash reply It's certainly not for everyone (for most in all honesty) but I think it's great to know it, accept it & live it rather than just pretend & end up creating hardship for you & another. Great poem Tiffany, truth from the heart in words & feeling 😊
  • ZTV_Productions reply Can't say it any better than the rest of the posse. Let me go ahead and clap too.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Being honest with ya self in these situations and saying hey, this is what i actually need does so much for the mind and body. I applaud your honesty *claps infinitely*
  • WhatNextSunshine reply :-)) Most people are not but pretend to be... I prefer honesty <3 Lovely said, Poetic Old Soul! <3
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