Cool Youtuber: American vs German Culture

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  • [ – ] jgibbon61 reply Dont use google if you can help it!
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply I will try to use it less often as a search engine, because of the search result manipulation. And I do not want to come off as some paranoid weirdo, but I realized that the translations of "google translate" and especially the translation software of videos has been altered. Both have not improved, but they deteriorated. I think Google tampered with it to make it wrongfully translate stuff that does not fit their political agenda. And I realized that there are now more and more bots, meaning not real people, but some AI that tries to make people believe they are actually talking to a human being.
  • [ – ] jgibbon61 reply their also the issue of how they are so sjw. theirs more to it but I'm drunk right now so I don't want to type anymore :)
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