the punter dropped his pole !

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Everytime I watch travel vlogs of people touring England, when I see the roads, that jagged centre line running up the middle of the road must've been painted by some guy so pissed out of his mind, he can't paint straight. They really should sack the bugga. Yeah good idea, a tour of your college would be great :-) Beautiful footage as usual.
    • [ – ] MeetingSkylar parent reply haha jagged centre line, yeah i agree w you on that. maybe I should then, there isn't much to show but i guess it might be interesting to do so??
      • JustABloke parent reply Oh I wouldn't say it is all about the school, more about the memories around school life. I could still point to the tree when like 16 of us boys had 1 stolen beer can behind the woodwork class, and I puked on my 1st taste, 1 of my proudest moments on the path towards manhood. At 12, I was the MAN!
  • amberthest reply If I were a punter i'd drop my stick every 5 minutes hahaha. You captured such beauty ah now I want to go visit English colleges
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