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  • [ โ€“ ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I know how hard it is to ask for money! You are very brave to do this. The great thing is that you are not requesting charity, but instead a simple show of support so that you can continue making the fine videos that you bring to us. Some of the content creators here at Vidme are even keeping a list of donors under their videos to honor those who have contributed and to encourage further support. This is a neat idea. Thank you for your great content, all the work you do to create it, and for being so candid with us!
  • [ โ€“ ] TRIPTUBEtv reply Ya the same way as long as I can entertain than I'm happy keep up the good work !
  • [ โ€“ ] TRIPTUBEtv reply YouTube has really gone to the crappy tbh I love making vids on YouTube but i don't know YouTube has changed a lot and I don't make anything :/ oh well ha but hey good video RED !!
    • [ โ€“ ] redRomina parent reply I still love YouTube and continue to release my content wherever I think is a good place to release it. I'm not exclusive to any one platform. But I know people want to help and support me. And people have been for months now. I just never made a video about it. ^_^ Thanks for your support.
      • JustABloke parent reply Yep, no need to leave YT, I still support those on YT because I've built really good friendships with many people, both there and here.
  • [ โ€“ ] CapnMintbeard reply I hear you! YouTube is a pain to work with. If I can get Vid.me verified (need at least 50 folllowers per the new rules) I may end up going full vid.me and drop YT completely. Also its true, people need money to make content, even if its for something as small as repairing or replacing equipment.
    • [ โ€“ ] SabathRodriguez parent reply I agree. Do you think YouTube is going to get replaced by another platform?
      • [ โ€“ ] CapnMintbeard parent reply I think there will be a big split where the creators who are in line with YouTube's agenda of becoming a part of mainstream media will continue to survive and thrive there. Creators who want to do what they want and express themselves freely (like me and many others) will post to both for a while and eventually shift to vid.me when YouTube gets its wish.
        • [ โ€“ ] rulesforrebels parent reply i dont think its really fair to classify any youtuber as a talentless corporate hack as many people are doing. many topics are not controversial and wont really have any issues on yotuube. youtube is a great platform, they are doing new stuff and have made some mistakes. heck people should be mad at the advertisers more so than youtube themselves. if your mad your losing out on money think about how youtube feels they are losing out on a lot more than you or me. i love this platform but i also dont dislike youtube and see no reason to trash them as many people are doing
          • [ โ€“ ] CapnMintbeard parent reply I never said that YouTubers were talent-less corporate hacks. There are tons of talented creators on YouTube. I'm saying that since YouTube was bought by Google that YouTube changed. YouTube changed from a creative haven (like Vid.Me seems to be) to becoming a business. Not bad in and of itself, but ever since Google took over whenever there has been a problem, content creators have been "guilty until proven innocent". First, the copyright claims system would just take any ad money made by a creator and give it to whoever claimed the content was rightly theirs without any investigation, due diligence, or compensation to the creator if the claim was false. Next, YouTube put their creators second in these situations by ignoring fair use, and letting whatever entity claim copyright infringement even if it had no legal grounds. Google/YouTube also likes to change things on a whim without telling their creators or even discussing it in some way. The YouTube algorithm has been changed withou...moret any warning or explanation, basically leaving creators to figure out what YouTube wants from them without any communication. The advertisers pulling out of Google/YouTube for many has been a wake up call or last straw as they were willing to put up with all this other stuff until that point. YouTube could have stood up for their creators at any point, but have consistently failed to do so. I'm not trying to trash anyone. These are facts. This is why Vid.Me is getting flooded with YouTube refugees and I suspect is the reason for tightening up their verification requirements. Google wants YouTube to become the next Netflix. YouTube TV, YouTube Red, the recent backlash against creators that don't put up sanitized family friendly content, these are all happening because Google wants YouTube to be seen by society at large as mainstream media so they can compete with Netflix. So just to drive the point home, I don't think YouTube creators (that includes me) are talent-less corporate hacks. I think YouTube as a platform no longer values creativity and treats its content creators poorly.
      • rulesforrebels parent reply not anytime soon. vidme is awesome it offers a lot but lets not kid ourselves and think the #2 search engine in the world is going to fall off overnight
    • [ โ€“ ] redRomina parent reply Just followed my friend. Let's get you to 50! I don't think creators should be ashamed or afraid of getting money in exchange for their content. Universal doesn't release their movies for free!
      • [ โ€“ ] CapnMintbeard parent reply Thank you! I honestly think it's mostly YouTube that has that stigma of "get a real job" towards content creators. Twitch, from what I've seen, has a very generous culture towards their streamers. Vid.me seems much friendlier too. What we are doing is the Internet equivalent of singing on a street corner for tips. Most people just don't appreciate that.
        • redRomina parent reply That's a very good analogy! But I see it more as I'm performing a free concert at a stadium and if you want to buy my CDs after the concert you can. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  • [ โ€“ ] redRomina reply @Dizney211 thank you for the tip!! ๐Ÿ’™โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ’™โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ’™โœŒ๏ธ
  • rulesforrebels reply hey are you selling any merch or courses or anything? i support creators and i know other people do too but i personally find people like to support you and get something in return or feel like they are getting what they paid for beyond just content. even something as simple as an ebook or something it gives people something to buy just to support you. whether someoen wants to buy say a cookbook or not, oftentimes they'll buy one to support a creator where as maybe they wouldn't just striaght donate
  • oldschoolguyzzz reply hehe even i make youtube videos and let me tell you in india youtube adrevenue is very low and i cant make it full time so i know the pain but atleast you live outside india where ad revenue is decent i made a video which went like 100000 views but still managed to pull 12$ for that
  • MagicPete reply Your videos are way better than the amount of views you get on YouTube would suggest. Wish you luck and thanks for your modest upvotes here too. ;-)
  • SpeedyGaming reply I love your content, I would tip if I had money but I am unemployed! When I do I'll tip you! :D
  • [ โ€“ ] SkyrimNeer reply i don't mean to sound rude and please don't take it that way, but did you say you joined YouTube in 2006...? i put some work into it, "work" YouTube said you Joined on Sep 8, 2014.
    • [ โ€“ ] redRomina parent reply I did join YouTube in 2006! I've had many channels since then. (: redRomina is a new channel that I started from scratch in mid 2015 (although the channel was opened in 2014). But I have been making content for YouTube since 2006! I don't use those channels anymore though since I have been focusing on redRomina.
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