Vermont Issues 28: Feds Try to Meddle in Our Education System; Screw Em!

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  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Feds always trying to meddle in shit they should. Like obviously education. Figures how we are 49th in education.
  • ironrope reply ugh more obama era policies coming to haunt us again... federal education model is a joke. even teachers don't agree with common core largely and they are usually completely on board with backwards practices... 10.2 vid per usual broStyx
  • freerangehobo reply Good teachers are ones whom you remember, fondly, all your life. Why do they get remembered? They took a special interest in your personal struggles with academic problems. They not only love their profession, they love their students. My perception of education in this day and age is, as I see it, that teachers have been backed into a corner, where children are no longer seen as our nation's future leaders, but rather the future slaves. Political correctness has stifled common sense and rationality. It has truly become very clearly, censorship at its worst. Marxism is the agenda with the end game of national and global control, And conditioning the youth at a time when they are the most impressive, is what government education is all about.
  • Bal6fs2 reply Which witch sorry corrective impulse : )
  • Dashoota reply Yah I went to a few of those cookie cutter prison schools. They suck big time even those that actually tried to teach witch was few and far between. Didn't do to well most of the kids spent their time trying to imagine what the world is like outside. It was a prison in all but name except most got to go home at the end of the day. Hell my high school started its construction as a prison. They changed their mind after it was mostly done to make it a school. They closed it recently thank god no one will go through it again Butler High School sucked.
  • [ – ] MudkipSkip reply As a Floridian I can say this it totally true.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply They look like indoctrination centers???
  • janecatherine reply I am a 37 year Teacher from North Carolina! I agree with your comments!
  • janecatherine reply I will continue to watch your videos. You seem to be smart and have great opinions!
  • knowitalltoknownothing reply A lot of this is the fault of Educational Academics who just "know" what's right for the country's education system and are never held to account when it inevitably fails. Different states have different needs in organization and strategy. The Federal Gov't does nothing but charge in and assume that everything it does it correct. We see the results and Styx is right - stay the fuck out of our education programs. They've already tampered with states' abilities to police and determine other policies. Let's not ruin the one thing that some states have got going for them.
  • NakkiNyan reply I just want a consistent book set so students that move schools are not behind.
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