UPDATE: My YouTube Channel Is Slowly Getting DESTROYED by Google...

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  • [ – ] InkedAZ reply I didn't know you existed until I saw your videos on here but I did go to your YouTube and it only shows to me that you have 2 videos (the leaving YouTube video and Google has targeted you video). Must be their new censorship hiding the videos? I am logged in on there so it's not an age thing.
    • RURdy4It parent reply I privatized all 1300 Plus videos because they demonetized every single one of them that dated back to 2012 and I didn't want them running ads on anything and making money. They pulled me from search engines and everything else so there's really no reason to even keep them up there other than to participate and be supporting the YouTube platform which I no longer will tolerate to do... Hang On AZ! It gets bumpy on my channel! Politics can be a bitch haha
    • [ – ] InkedAZ parent reply Wait, there appears to be a lock so they must be private, that's why I don't see them.
      • RURdy4It parent reply I've been getting demonetized and targeted since I started doing videos but this one took the cake. The Associated Press even came after me for one of my own videos that I made from my own material off of Government website and claimed it was a copyright and I disputed it and they won the copyright dispute and I got a strike for my own material...... one of the few things that went wrong over the last 6 months
  • [ – ] HARMARSCH reply RURdy4It, Since you posted you were leaving all Channels I Sub to have been monetized, doesn't matter what the content is they are posting videos talking about being demonized
    • RURdy4It parent reply unlocked the one that is attached to that one because of all the whiners too... list of crybabies... heehee
    • RURdy4It parent reply I just unlocked my most popular video this year for fun. Still demonetized though.
    • RURdy4It parent reply I just looked at my account - since you said that - My videos are now scattered monetized and demonetized HA! They monetized my 2 videos that are public.
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