Jerry Lewis Passes Away at 91, Variety Jumps to Call Him Racist and Homophobic

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  • Mountainghost556 reply Black comedians said far worse during the 90's, and people thought it was funny especially how they mocked white people (hidden point there), it was comedy not racism. You hit the nail on the head all the key bigot words have lost meaning,they just mean difference of opinion.
  • [ – ] Rule62eh reply Several generations of entertainers that were not influenced by this PC crap are leaving us. Well we still have Trevor Noah.
    • Mountainghost556 parent reply Ok I get it,and your right Rodney Dangerfield would have been a fucking nightmare to feminism. "Alice to the moon" never was a defense in court for beating your wife.
  • [ – ] Rule62eh reply More like mid 1920's, but hey I doubt ya went into this because of your math skills :-)
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