Us Whites Are All Kinda Racist Apparently!

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  • [ – ] RomWatt reply Let me tell you this: as a left-leaning person, I think that white-shaming is very bad for the left and doesn't help it.
    • blindfire parent reply The only people helped by white shaming are white supremacists and white nationalists. This line of thought doesn't stop racism, it encourages racism. We all need to end it, politically left, right, and centrist, because it is a bad idea that divides us.
  • nekollx reply I'm just can't take this guy seriously, it's probably because he's black and I'm white (actually i'm Hispanic, but everyone calls me white, and what OTHER people think is most important)
  • [ – ] DroodFilms reply This kind of backwards mentality is mind boggling. I can't believe it's a reality.
  • RetroBit reply "The remaining just under 3 minutes are my victory lap". I lost it here. Hahaha... I like the way you think good sir.
  • WebNoob reply It's not even worth it to argue with these idiots anymore. They'll never change. Let them live in their own backwards reality.
  • UnrealSounds reply Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed-like videos are always fun to criticize 🙌
  • JadeJicama reply No, no, Space Jam is NOT a masterpiece, it's terrible, and Shaq CAN'T act. CAN NOT.
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