Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Can Replace Churches

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  • isaneinthemembrane reply Angry, do you trust ANY of these platforms? I am old school and use cash if possible(got to make these banks actually do something for fucks sake, if it all goes electronic and there's a glitch then your whole portfolio is gone) which can be a pain just trying to get the cash. Angry you don't need the crutch of religion to be a decent person. Treat others the way you expect to be treated. Simple.
  • DIFFERENT-PERSPECTIVE reply to quote ''jesus came to earth'' so he wasn't from earth?. where did he come from then? dont say heaven ffs becuse when i look at the sky theres no angles on clouds.
  • isaneinthemembrane reply Satanist's need a God, as no God means no Devil. So what is best? Atheism? I was religious but over the years and in MY opinion it is and was a way in which the masses would watch each other to make sure they didn't sin and even worked harder for the Lord of course. More work, less overheads(security,police etc) win win for the person at the top.
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