✠Rise of Nationalism✠ Youtube Removed

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  • [ – ] christinacrazy reply Your videos give me life 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    • [ – ] EuropeanNationalism parent reply Nationalist women are the best ;)
      • [ – ] christinacrazy parent reply Nationalist men are better 😋😋😋
        • [ – ] EuropeanNationalism parent reply You're a fucking gem! Wish more women had your outlook on life. Nothing better than a women who loves Nationalism
          • christinacrazy parent reply Haha you should've seen me when I was 16 and I was researching politics and I had this fire inside me, I saw back then how bad our country was becoming! I became obsessed with patriotism and our history... etc I was crazy lol people always would say, christina you should do politics and Become PM.. you have so much passion ect.. I think a lot of People have lost hope in our country and just think, fuck it. But all we need is a strong leader who is FOR our country and people... I know what is happening in the world. With every corrupt government. They're all bought by the banks, bought by Zionist scummy Jews. Where there is a Jewish bank, there is corruption... there is so much simple things that can Be done to stop this.. such as small groups of people, petrol bombing every single Jewish bank. Do this, they lose money! You lose money, you lose power, you lose power, you lose workers, you lose workers, you lose your business... small groups of Britons do this... we make a huge impact on...more the government and the scum who owns the banks. Lol hmm I need to form my own groups and do this! 😀😀😀
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