Rose-Play S11: E21: Let's Play The Evil Within on AKUMA Diffculty Part 21 - Who's Really To Blame?

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  • [ – ] Dreyson reply Oh yeah you can definitely get Resi 1 vibe from just the first enemy turning his head in the beginning of the game so I agree
    • Aurian_MoonRose parent reply That first enemy was such an amazing homage to the original opening of Resident Evil 1. I loved seeing him show like, hey guys it's going to be like that, Plus just loved how you got to know the guy first so was a little more heartbreaking (Ok, not really lol, but more then the random enemy), I also thought The Victoriano Mansion, when you first entered was a nice nod to Resident Evil 1 by looking similar as well ^_^.
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply Because of who made this game, it resembles Resident Evil 4
    • Aurian_MoonRose parent reply Agreed completely, tho it reminds me of Resident Evil 1 as well, and yeah doesn't surprise me why it mimics 4 and 1 of Resident Evil considering he also felt that Survival Horror had become a joke the way it was going at the time and wanted to go back to a much simpler time. Personally I think he succeeded at what he set out to do, but my personal opinion there lol.
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