Paragon Shenanigans #01 ● Shinbi Gameplay

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  • LadyLaven reply Paragon Shenanigans #01 ● Shinbi Gameplay (Clip) Showing my friends how to play mobas especially Paragon this was too funny I just had to share this funny moments of their reaction to the game. Now I'm not an ELO status professional gamer and I never claim to be the best player. I don't play a lot of mobas but ever since I've played Paragon I've enjoyed and learned a lot it's always great playing with a group of great pals and streamers. It's always great to live and learn; embrace imperfection. We did win the game actually I believe I had 4 towers down, 11 kills and 3 deaths Dark Gaming Inc. xlDarkMessiahlx and his wife xlSxyMetalBarbielx:
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