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  • [ – ] sapphiredskye reply I agree
  • [ – ] thevoidisfull reply Love the video content and you actually got tipped!!! YEEE!! Good vibes to you!
    • Mr2ndopinion parent reply Yes! That is so awesome! I'm so grateful for people investing in me... I wish I could do more than I can do on my owny right now... I'm sure there are like-minded people out there... so I don't worry, it'll take more time but it hurts me... I don't want to wait to create huger love! :)
  • [ – ] jasonlee3071 reply Something I've always done. To the waitress bringing my food and to the person at the carwash wiping the water off my car.
    • Mr2ndopinion parent reply It's a decent thing to do! I mean whoever services you or does work for you deserves a tip! They put their best foot forth to make sure it's a more pleasant life for you! I feel pains when people don't see that and act like all they got came for granted... so many grandpas and grandmas have worked their buts of with very little tips and now that we can be generous we refuse to be so which leads to a highly competitive world which relies on wages more! The hard working folk deserve the little here and there from the people they serve.
  • [ – ] JonThomas reply I like your messages in your videos, and I like your accent. I don't know where you are from, but I like your style and way of thinking. And also, I love the rug on the wall!
    • Mr2ndopinion parent reply Thank you so much for all the liking and the tip @JonThomas I wish you a very beautiful day & I hope to get you more inspiring content soon!
  • Crustzy reply Duly noted!
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