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  • [ – ] shocka reply I'm on Cublinux, nice and relaxed, googlified, would like to understand programming, No formal training, did a tape copy program in assm for my Atari in the day, maybe too old ?, My 2 boys, got degrees in Computer Science, Know enough, Run SME server for alot of people at one time less now, had a go at Android studio WTF where to start !! Will d/l apollo11 and have a look, cheers mate ! will fire up my virtual box of Elemental ! cheers
    • [ – ] Nine-H parent reply I'm glad you're interested in my stuff dude. Check out the elementary site for documentation for elementary, and remember that apollo11 is only a few months old, so there's going to be issues. But I'm looking forward to working with you.
      • [ – ] shocka parent reply Right got that sorted, Vbox is crap. KVM is already there Duh ! Now what language / library / compiler ? whatever do I need ? I see yr profile pic, dont tell me yr bald and compensating with a god awe full beard ;) tip from bald at 16 me, buzz cut, clean shaven, chicks love it ;) or tell me to fuck off !? cheers
        • Nine-H parent reply Alright ledge, clone the repo again, I had a day off and made some commits to help you out. You should make a Gihub and start reporting bugs to the repo directly.
        • Nine-H parent reply haha, don't sweat it. you want to read up on vala, install the package elementary-sdk, then you should be able to use cmake and gnu make to build it. I've been slacking over the holidays and buiding up my desktop, I'll give Apollo11 another look and dial it in and document it for you.
      • shocka parent reply Cant even get elemental to run in vitualbox ?? installs ok ? wont run /boot the live cd run s ok ?? I'll start again .. cheers for now.
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