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  • JackTheRipoff reply @mariathegerman well I really appreciate that you like the car vlogs! I love doing them! And that sounds like an awesome new year celebration to me!! I will definitely continue to keep up with the motivation, I love making these videos! And those aren't cheesy those are awesome!
  • MariaTheGerman reply Ha I love that you filmed this in your car looks super cool and is very personal! I had a great new years playing Mario Party lool Happy new year to you :) You will continue to grow just keep the passion and stay motivated! I know sometimes life gets in the way trust me but as long as you have the focus you'll be fine :) To be honest I don't really have any new years resolutions just working on being a better human and improving on myself hahah CHEESY
  • ADJ_Playz reply Just saw this post on twitter. Man i had an amazing time new years. So glad 2017 is here :)
  • nomsino reply happy 2017
  • TieyerraJake2003 reply I had a fun New Years we were lighting up fireworks (rockets) and everyone was saying happy new years and cheering me and my sis were jumping in the fireworks it was fun i had a great time and im sure u did too ^.^
  • NinjaTUBE reply haha me and my friends went to town and just chilled there until 3 AM :')
  • JackTheRipoff reply @tieyerrajake2003 that sounds like an awesome celebration!! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!!
  • JackTheRipoff reply @ADJ_Playz same!!!
  • JackTheRipoff reply You too @nomsino !!
  • JackTheRipoff reply Haha nothing wrong with that @ninjatube !!
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