Should you watch: Beck Mongolian Chop Squad

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Beck is great and you are right on the money. Do not watch this for romance. Seeing Yukio just take it when Maho's boyfriend tricked Yukio into coming to Maho's I think it was birthday party only to be turned away at the door was probably the most frustrating point for me. She didn't give a shit about him until it was convenient. If you ignore that whole section of the plot Beck is one of my favorite anime at the time I watched it. Also I never skipped the OP once.
    • thtguyoverthere parent reply I was SO close to dropping the show at that point, (I believe it was around episode 15 this happens) but I'm glad I didn't because episode 18 onward was worth all the maho stuff.
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