What its Like Being A Truck Driver

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  • [ – ] xCreativeNotion reply Damn man you don't know how MUCH that means. I don't even know you personally like that and what you just wrote really inspired me to the core! I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT !! Thanks for just watching my videos and really taking the time out to check out my content!
    • Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply You're welcome! We can all use a little inspiration now and again. At any point in the day our inspiration level is dependent on the ideas we are entertaining in our minds. If our ideas are ones of "I can't" then we won't be inspired and our eyes won't be alert to possibilities that come our way. We'll be distracted. But if we make it a point to repeat "I can" ideas, then we'll be more likely to catch those possibly fleeting opportunities. The thing our team needs most is a good cheerleader to keep us inspired and focused on the game. But when we look around, there's nobody there with the pom poms. So we have to be our own cheerleaders. It's a skill we can learn and a habit we can adopt. That way we are never alone out on the field. Part of us is running the ball and the other part is saying "GO GO GO!!!" I really want you to succeed and I know that you do too. It won't be easy because nothing is. But it's worth the effort. You can do it!
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Yeah, jobs can be really stressful and mind-numbing. Keep intending to find your thing, that thing that's going to make you happy and provide for your needs. That starts the ball rolling. It's tough staying motivated and giving up inside feels easy. You upgraded from security to truck driving. It sounds like you're ready for the next upgrade. Be open to ideas and possibilities, even if they seem odd at first. You never know how the dots are going to connect. I wish you great success!
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