BREAKING & EXCLUSIVE - #CICADA3301 2017 UPDATE! Is CICADA A HOAX Or Have They Been Silenced?

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  • Ganjarijuana reply Keep striving for the answers, the ones within the confinement of denial are those without motivation for their own purpose let alone the purpose of another individual, and especially a cryptic type of group. They are here, they are watching, and they will reveal more in due time. As they have mentioned, in previous times, that "patience is a virtue", and this message " Hello. The path lies empty; epiphany seeks the devoted. Liber Primus is the way. Its words are the map, their meaning is the road, and their numbers are the direction. Seek and you will be found. Good luck. 3301 Beware false paths. Verify OpenPGP 7A35090F. " But then goes on to state believe nothing from the book, except only what you know to be true. Thus the conclusion would be that many will try to mislead, troll, discredit them ,or attempting to replicate their work, that is where you are to look beyond and bigger as they have mentioned before this is to be expected.
  • AlienCommando reply Move on. Dont worry about it. Its probably a hoax.
  • soothsayer reply Never heard of them before this video, but if they need an outlet free of censorship send them to Gab.
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