What is Nationalism? Ⓐ

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  • [ – ] 21_twentyonecharacter reply I definitely do not agree, but it was interesting to hear the anarchist ideology.
    • [ – ] kendrakane parent reply dude say why.
      • [ – ] Throwback parent reply There's a reason why people flee 3rd world nations to come to western societies. Under nationalism, capitalist societies have flourished for hundreds of years. The U.S. in particular has done exceptionally well. The system isn't perfect, but it's been the best so far. Humans are tribal by nature and that's not going away so coming together for your country for freedom for the american dream is fine by me. I don't think anarchist realize that freedom isn't free. Keep letting creeping socialism and marxism take hold and they will find this out.
        • [ – ] kendrakane parent reply Yeah and the untied states is flourishing because we are multi cultural. we are a melting pot. we are have pockets of nationalism within our melting pot just as much as we have communists. We are not like China with no immigration. You fail to see mother nature doesn't care about your walls. Another bubonic plague would test our ability to work as a species and not tribal one against the other. If we can not work as species when shit hits the fan you wont have a home to go home to. same with global warming. it doesn't care you are tribal. it doesn't care if you join forces as one under UN. But if you are a part of the UN maybe you will have a fighting chance for humanitarian aid. Dont burn your bridges.
  • [ – ] IdeoNaut reply Hmm, I'm an Anarchist but I AM a Nationalist, I just think Nationalism has become too dependent upon The Cult of The State (and no, I do not believe that the state is something that naturally forms out of Nationalism, I believe that the state has merely HIJACKED and badly distorted the definition of it, synonymising itself with it). Nationalism is about culture and blood ultimately, it is only about soil in as much as that soil (the climate in general) has informed the state. I really encourage any Anarchists to look into 'Attack the System' site to get a more moderate perspective on this 'issue' (which to me is somewhat non-existent).
    • IdeoNaut parent reply *has informed the culture. Since certain cultures have adapted to their environmental surroundings - the seasonal cycles and the flora and fauna and the manner of exploiting these elements as they so demand. In as sense too soil can influence the blood due to the preferences created by the physical demands of geography, temperature and fertility of the surrounding area.
  • kendrakane reply fucking sold! Thank you. Was seriously watching an alarming trend of red pilled videos and i was praying for a really good counter argument to stop the anxiety. lol
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