Deviant's Episode 7

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  • IAmMute reply Maxi Pad guy -> I actually had to pause the video and process that shit.
  • [ – ] SEspider reply Deviantart had become a complete joke. Sooooo mush utter rubbish on the site that it's not even funny. I rarely ever visit the site, let alone upload to it anymore. I've switch to Art Station just because it seems more sane. Deviantart paid a OUTSIDE COMPANY to design their latest logo and completely ignored the thousands of talented artist on their site. Worse yet, they said they paid $64K for it (if memory serves)!! I can LATERALLY drive half a mile down the road and find a street sign that looks just like it! Two more miles and there's another one! Even made proof 2 years ago:
  • Owl-Igloo reply My man you have to do an after dark special since you can have NSFW shit on here.
  • hasher411 reply Oh, my god so funny!
  • [ – ] OffTheAirLive reply Well that's enough internet for today...
  • KaiserTrigger reply Yo Daddy-O. I wanna be a woman's maxipad when I grow up. I'm gonna clean up all of milady's period blood.
  • John-Goras reply I missed the whole deviant art phenom myself somehow. Somewhere between , and youtube.nwo I just never went. Heard about it, was directed by others to it, but.. Some of this stuff is rather similar to the hoity toity fine "art" that John "Skippy" Podesta supports/collects. Just sick molesty chimera stuff. But for a real good time with an unstoppable killer skeleton..
  • WebNoob reply Sherlock Homes and the strange case of Pad Gardner
  • MadManMinistries reply Those bloody MRAs...
  • CiraxAMV reply Deviantart has some of the best and worst shit I have ever seen. Then again it is the biggest art site. Weheartit is much better I think anyway for art, but that's mainly just re-pinned stuff like pintrest.
  • truckmyad reply All roads lead to selling out. The big boys with the big money vs. everyone else. Once they go corporate, they are out of touch.
  • Boxful reply I wanna be a human pad now
  • Dos_Gaming reply Children scare me with their vor and fart porn... I feel like childish fart jokes have gone too far.
  • [ – ] omgomgomgd reply Upload all of the Deviant's episodes on vidme please.
  • Lonecomplex reply +1 for the use of "hellscape"
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