Panzermadels Part 1: Awkward Days of Tank School

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  • [ – ] KaiserTrigger reply Try to get a bit more confidence when you're doing your intro. You sound way to depressed. Try to sound a bit happier. Not food review happy. Cause that's bullshit happy. But just enjoy that you're playing a game. Show it. Just a little. And if you're depressed, then do something that puts you in a better mood. Before playing and recording, listen to music that makes you feel happier.
    • [ – ] ilikefunnyvideos505 parent reply I do admit I sound at bit depressed and monotone when I do intro commentary. Thanks, man. I'll try that out. Appreciate the comment. :)
      • [ – ] KaiserTrigger parent reply I'd also suggest playing games that can be hard or difficult. Maybe a burst of anger can train you to be more open and out there. I can get pretty pissed in my let's plays.
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