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  • RafaelDiFuria reply Absolutely whole heartedly disagree! Pineapple doesn't belong anywhere near pizza! I like pineapple but not on pizza... fine put it in a fruit salad, dry it and cover it in sugar, maybe dip that in chocolate, great.. but no way on a pizza.... as somebody who lives in Italy, if you want the real deal, don't put pineapple even on the same table :P pizza isn' supposed to be sweet, maybe the tomato sauce a little bit...but not like that.... fine tomato is a fruit.... but it's the right fruit that compliments the rest of the flavors, pineapple just overpowers and makes it taste like the pizza is confused weather it wants to be desert or a part of the main meal. 🍕 +🍍 = ☠️
  • iJimUK reply Yes, you can put pineapple on pizza, as pizza is the forgotten health food putting pineapple on it would only make it, well, more healthy.. Fruits!
  • [ – ] DTGColabs reply TIL: You cannot eat a pineapple on a pizza in real life. Every time you put pineapple on a pizza, you go into some sort of simulation.
    • [ – ] liam_matt parent reply How would we know if we are not already in the simulation though? And pineapple is just enjoyable on pizza ;)
  • [ – ] DiamondDebLP reply I would probably like pineapple on pizza but I'm not sure I'd still view it as pizza. :P
  • [ – ] tree_theTraveller reply i dont like pizza unless there is pinapple on it huehuehe
  • [ – ] NexoReviews reply yes
    • [ – ] liam_matt parent reply I'm glad that there is another person who agrees! The confusing thing is I've found most people online seem to agree with pineapple on pizza... Most people in person I talk to seem to despise it!
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