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  • [ – ] cartergamegeek reply Nice capture. Are you using an Elgato HD of some type? I use a basic Elgato HD. This is a solid capture. It looks like Elgato HD footage.
    • [ – ] TheGamingPals parent reply Thanks! I am actually using the original Elgato HD card and managed to get it to record 60fps even though its not supposed to
      • [ – ] cartergamegeek parent reply I use the basic Elgato HD as well. I seem to remember mine having a box that says 60FPS. I left that checked. I know the basic should be locked at 30FPS.
        • [ – ] TheGamingPals parent reply Yeah my software also has the 60fps check box on it as well
          • [ – ] cartergamegeek parent reply That is how i record. To bad people ignore my content.
            • [ – ] TheGamingPals parent reply I know how you feel, but tell ya what, i will follow you on here to show my support and i’ll do my best to keep an eye out for your content
              • cartergamegeek parent reply Most of it's on YouTube. I will slowly move videos here just for an extra way to find me. If you want to see more then YouTube is the place. Here is going to be slow ass i move older content here. So that will take awhile. Thank you for the Follow. It will be slow, but things will show up here.
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