Forcing Compiz-Reloaded to run in VirtualBox

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  • DrewNaylor reply The rest of the description: "-- Spatry's tutorial series on Compiz-Reloaded: -- Compiz-Reloaded GitHub page: If I forget anything, I'll make comments on this video with that info, along with the "Extra info" section above. "Linux Stuff" playlist: ------------------------------------------------------- If you like what you saw in this video, why not subscribe to my channel to be alerted when I upload more content? (This video was edited with Blender and Kdenlive/recoded with OBS.) MY LINKS: Primary Channel: Secondary Channel: Facebook: Website: Thank you and enjoy the video. This video was originall...morey uploaded to YouTube on May 11, 2016 here: #DREWNAYLOR1 Use the above string to find videos from my main YouTube channel on this site."
  • DrewNaylor reply This isn't the correct video and description. Corrected description and title will be up soon.
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