NEWS AND DISCUSSION: Dragon Quest XI Release Date, Nintendo Direct, Gaming Scholarship, Rumors!

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  • GamerRaf reply I love the scholarship idea! I wish that would've had it when I went to school.
  • [ – ] ToyBountyHunters reply Great new segment! I look forward to more gaming news in the future!
    • bunniiBGG parent reply THANKS! :D and there definitely will be! Who knows its you start putting out rumors maybe I'll report on you some day haha xD
  • [ – ] TheGamingCentaur reply Awesome new intro! :D I will say they should just make The Old Republic canon at this point, it's obvious that people WANT it to be canon more so than anything else in the old expanded universe
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply O yea? Its always interesting to me hearing people talk about these games. O and im glad you liked the intro thanks! :)
      • TheGamingCentaur parent reply Yeah, at least, that's what I hear. I do have the Old Republic on Steam, but I think I'll play it when I have time to record a LP of it XD But it does surprise me why Disney and the new LucasArts listen to some of their fans
  • [ – ] KazumaKaz reply Maaaaaannn I cannot wait for more Dragon Quest!
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply Omg yes! Ive never seen anything so beautiful lol. What would you get it on ps4 or 3ds?
      • KazumaKaz parent reply Probably Ps4 for now because I need a new 3DS atm. The L and R buttons are broken haha but of course Nintendo hasnt had any New 3DSes in stock as far as Ive seen cause typically thats just how they are.
  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply Hi BGG!! I'm Boo! :waves:
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