My First 2000 Seconds with Shovel Knight Spectre of Torment Complete

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  • [ – ] LaurenVideon reply As I write this I'm 20 minutes in (my internet is hanging up, argh) - so far I've really enjoyed this! Never heard of this game, but it's really hypnotic to watch, and the art is amazing!!!! You're pretty cool too, I could happily listen to you for hours. Hopefully my internet stops hanging so I can watch the rest!
    • [ – ] LaurenVideon parent reply Don't worry, I did finish. Love the campy impersonation.
      • MisterHan2000 parent reply Thank you! Funny thing is I do amateur theatre at my hometown as a hobby. Looking back on the video, I might have to come up with a different voice for ol' Spectre, I felt like I was a bit too soft with his lines. You think those are fun, you should hear what I can do with the others!
    • [ – ] MisterHan2000 parent reply Thank you so much for the comment! I had no idea I could entertain someone so much! I don't know if you game at all, but if you do, get a free steam account and check it out. It's part of a "treasure trove" of three games(they're going to release one more in the future), and they're all so much fun. Now that I've entertained you, I'd love to see what you have in store for vidme. I noticed your channel is blank, so I don't know if you're new or whatever, but if you do plan on making videos, let me know. I'll watch em ASAP.
      • [ – ] LaurenVideon parent reply Have Steam, will travel! I admit my gaming history isn't very extensive, I feel like a fraud if I call myself a "gamer". Ironically I'm currently minoring in game design 😆. But I will definitely check this game out- I like the sound of the 3 pack, I might get it, I remember buying Portal 1 + 2 separately and then regretting it afterwards. And yes, I'm very new here, but I've been enjoying what I've seen so far on Vidme. Hopefully I'll have some videos out soon.
        • [ – ] MisterHan2000 parent reply You're going into game design?! AGH! I'm so jealous! I'm part of a youtube group that makes gaming videos for fun, yet, I think 5 of them are going into game design.
          • LaurenVideon parent reply I have to admit, it was decided on a bit of a whim. I had my major picked out, I already decided to minor in philosophy (that fell through after 2 terms), but I had room for one more. Game design sounded interesting, literally the only somewhat serious video game I had played before that was Minecraft (I know, the stigma hurts), but I jumped in anyway. Even though I still know nothing, I've been enjoying myself so much and I love the community of game design students I've become a part of. It's been so welcoming. I think that gaming content makers are one of the best groups of people that could ever study game design. They're already proved their passion and dedication for the field, and they've played and dissected a lot of games so they know what works. It makes so much sense.
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