Night Train to Terror Review

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  • [ – ] Imaginos reply Great dance scene. Highlight of the whole video. I always loved Night Train to Terror, but that's just because I'm a tiny bit twisted. You did an incredible job reviewing the movie. Honest and fun, just like a review should be.
    • DeckerShado parent reply Many thanks. It's been ages since I've done a skit quite so long in my recent reviews... mainly because I've learned over the years that YouTube's content ID bot don't like that very much. Oh well, if I feel the need, I could always produce a YouTube version and a Vidme version of a review.
  • slyofwar reply I give the dance scene a 10/10 or a 2/5 stars I love it
  • SaharaMist reply Make sure to reserve a spot for me in hell as well because that song alone would be heaven worse than hell and either way I'd be a great amount of agony.
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Hey, isn't that Bull from Night Court?
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