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  • jerome1962 reply Thank you breezy you are indeed my muse.
  • breezy127 reply Just watched again. It's such a good video. The way you're able to verbalize something so complex (although usually perceived to be simple) is amazing. Thank you again.
  • breezy127 reply This video answered so many questions... The desire to open my 3rd eye is so great, but at the same time the fear of what comes with it might be preventing me from allowing that to happen. Now the unknown doesn't feel so scary, especially since you cleared up what spirit might actually mean- not a physical person but an energy. Thank you! It would be so great if you had a question/answer video. Some random topics I have questions about (not requesting vids, just suggesting): Are Reiki/chakra alignment and crystals really helpful? Or, specific I Ching chapter questions, who should we reach out to when "awakening", how to figure out what our spiritual gifts are?
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